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Sexologist and LGBT Activist Dr. Carol Queen

GaySailAway is so excited to offer our readers advice from the amazing Dr. Carol Queen, Sexologist to our community and beyond. Dr. Queen is an accomplished sexologist, author, activist and LGBTQ celeb. She’s the only 3-time Grand Marshal for San Francisco Pride, co-founder of the Center for Sex and Culture and can be heard regularly on OutQ’s Derek and Romaine Show, giving her advice on sex and culture.

Dr. Queen recently returned from an Olivia Cruise where she was their host Sexologist, lecturing about sex, relationships and sex toys on the high seas. If you’re ever in the Bay Area check out Good Vibrations’ calendar of in-store “Ask The Doctors” lectures with Dr. Carol (www.goodvibes.com) and make sure you check out the Center for Sex and Culture’s calender of events (www.sexandculture.org).

GaySailAway: My, my you’ve been a very busy Sexologist! Promoting your re-released book, working on your educational films, doing talk radio and sailing the high seas with the women at Olivia! We’re so happy to have you stop by! So let’s get to our questions. How important is Vacation Sex?
Dr. Carol Queen:
Vacation sex is so important, it’s one of the main reasons people go on vacation! Here’s why:

* On vacation you are away from the stresses of home.
* You can get more rest, and being refreshed is good for your sexual energy.
* You are often either traveling with a special partner, or are in a position to meet way more new people than usual.
* Going to new places is great for getting our of your rut–even if that rut isn’t sexual, it may inspire your sexuality or erotic feelings.
* Nobody knows you on vacation! It can feel safer to have erotic adventures you wouldn’t have at home.
* Many vacay destinations are sexy places–warm and sunny where you can wear few clothes, or cities that cater to tourists with sexy venues, or sites that cater to the adventurous, which jacks up your adrenaline and feelings of being alive — also sexy!
GaySailAway: What advice would you give about how to have great Vacation Sex?
Dr, Carol Queen: I include a whole section in my book Exhibitionism for the Shy for people who want to travel to find sexual adventure. Here are some important tips:
* If you’re traveling with a partner, share your hopes for the vacation to make sure cuddle time and sex are on the menu — so there are no disappointments when your sweetie wants to get cultural and book you on an exhausting round of museum tours.
* Whether or not you’re with your lover, don’t get too drunk or high. Not only will you lose those happy vacation memories, you run the risk of becoming someone’s mark, and losing your wallet or worse.
* If you’re in a new country and want to cruise the locals, learn at least a little of the prevailing language.
* Research erotic options before you go to a new place. Find out where people meet and play; find out if any venues are dangerous.
* Bring safer sex gear with you. And use it!
* Ditto toys and sexy outfits — think about what you hope to experience before you go, and prepare for it if possible.
* And if you’re fantasizing experiencing something new, try to make sure you have all the info you need before you embark on seeking it.
And finally, remember that US laws about age of consent are now in many cases being enforced around the globe. Your new friend may be cute and frisky — just make sure s/he’s also 18 or over.
GaySailAway: Is a cruise a good place to be sexually adventurous?
Dr. Carol Queen: Absolutely! There are lots of new people to meet and, hopefully, get extra-friendly with. I would note, though, that cruises frequently attract couples, so try not to raise the drama quotient TOO high and find appropriate people to play with; don’t just assume the cruise staff is there for your own personal erotic amusement (that’s called sexual harassment, unless they give you the eye first–even so, watch out not to get them into trouble, because their job might be at stake); and finally, some cruise companies have a much more laid-back and even conservative vibe than others, so try to match your cruise to your hopes and expectations.
We’ll continue our interview with Dr. Queen tomorrow where she will talk about the sexual climate on cruise ships.

Dr. Queen’s celebrated book Exhibitionism for the Shy has just been re-released with updated information on cyber sex and the internet. She will be launching a series of Sex Educational Videos in collaboration with Good Vibrations, the queer outpost for sex toys and accurate education in the Bay Area. Dr. Queen’s personal website, www.carolqueen.com, is a great resource for all of your sex queries.
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